The Great Plagues Brought us Wealth.

In this video, Stefan claims that it is well documented that wealth was a big separator between surviving a plague and dying from a plague. Poverty increased the risk of contagion while wealth reduced it.

Thus we really did have the enlightenment, however imperfect it was, because a lot of the idiots holding us back were disproportionately killed by plagues.

How do idiots hold us back?

If there was a political enslaver alone, he would not be  of much trade.

Ah! but if the same political enslaver, has 10000 idiots he can convince of his rule and laws, then you too, are enslaved …. by the existence of the idiots. You are shackled from your potential.

The plebs can easily be brainwashed faster than you can fix them, they are the minions of the evil, an extension of the politician, and that is most obvious in democracy but remains true everywhere.

In the formation of customs and legal systems, every action of endorsement, acceptance or undermining will combine to create the outcome. and the outcome is basically determined by the statistical predisposition of the group’s nature, and plebs simply are not conducive to freedom.  The ripples of your individual actions, end soon, and are almost always suffocated by the masses.

Change the composition of the environment, and the consequence of an action upon it can evolve much differently. For example, an idea can be cursed and you thrown of a building for ‘heresy’, or it may go ablaze through the majority’s mind in acceptance.

IQ isn’t the only thing determining of freedom as demonstrated by asian’s who despite being higher, prefer big government to small government significantly more than whites.

Freedom is the plant of a minority’s genetic roots.


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