[not HQ post] Response to people noticing that Rome collapsed.

Actually, Rome collapsed when it’s government ran out of money. The debt and inflation were too much, the amount of regulation whackamole was gigantic (more regulation to deal with the bigger negative consequences of previous regulation). We’re, sadly, and profitably predictably approaching the same level of crap.

And we do so because human socialist instincts paired with insufficient intelligence and lucky finding (of what would lead one to understand market economies) leads to IMMORALITY and advocacy of IMMORALITY, and it is this economically destructive behavior which leads to critical convulsions shortages and societal collapse.

You can have all the debate you want, but when you can’t start a family, feed yourself, or afford leisure, unrest rises. Until then you can have as much bickering as you want. You can have as much xenophilic immigration and destruction of culture, if it weren’t for the economic consequences.

I hate all lifeforms who advocate legalized theft, of property life or liberty. Fuck you. All I want is the number of lifeforms who understand to be increasing fast enough to have a nation on their own. Everyone else is secondary.

(((trades financial futures on america’s demise))) fuck you plebs! I’m not going to let my destiny be held back!

Stop advocating for peace to those who lead to deadly threats against productivity and wealth. The biggest niggerjew is the state. The biggest burglar is the state. The biggest fraudster is the state. The biggest Burglar is the state. The biggest criminal organization is the state. The biggest religion is statism. the biggest gang of thieves is the state. I’m not sure about rape, nor do I really care about it since it’s never destroyed a civilization unlike theft.

A nation that doesn’t see this will fail quickly and be destroyed less it changes its minds quickly enough no matter how perfectly homegenous it is. Ex: israel

One of the advantage of homogenous gene-isolationist policy is that no matter how many starve and die, you still have the same composition to change your mind with.


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