For the record. Natural Human differences: the Copernicus of the 21st Century.

In the 19th hundreds, eugenics and natural human differences where recognized. Over the next two centuries the thought of natural human equality has captured the minds of many, especially whites or those who think they stand to benefit from it.

People instantly reject research that leads to concluding natural differences between humans, especially those mental in difference.

This is despite solid statistical validity in the methodology.

Researchers are scorned by mobs.

Witch hunts take place, defamation and rejecting/firing people for jobs takes place.

The mainstream media is quick to be part of the mob and even set it on fire.

Politicians do likewise.

Laws and threats of violence are put in place to reduce inequalities due to discrimination based on biological or some cultural groups that individuals are a part of.

The only hope are the limitations of reality. For what cannot continue, will not continue, but at what cost will it end? The prospects are bad.

It is my hope that every good individual maximize its survival and reproduction with full prejudice against degenerates.

I don’t easily take pleasure in the negative consequences but I wish I did.

This madness is likely due to either some very good propagandists or a moral/emotional predisposition towards the ideals espoused by this. Of course, many do not care about reality, and for that matter, anything in it, including you, but they do care about their fantasy.


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